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A UK Urban feature film destined for cinema success following closely in the footsteps of Adulthood which was a major box office success. This feature is full of twists and turning points within the story lines keeping the audience guessing about what is going to happen next and brings an array of talented actors all of whom powerfully impact the film. It’s an insightful and refreshing approach at the forefront of a growing UK film genre that already has a significant captive national youth audience.

‘Surviving in da Hood’ tells the personal heart gripping stories of a number of ambitious young people from the inner city of London who have dreams of success but living with multiple barriers in their way, perceived and real. Strikingly relatable situations faced by tens of thousands of young people today.

Set on council housing estates and the urban streets of London where crime and lawlessness rages next to sweat from hard work and determination to succeed despite the odds and obstacles in the way. The lure of gangs offering get rich quick schemes and threats has its irreversible consequences. Which road will the characters choose? Will it be a life of crime trying to get rich quick, or sweat, hard work and tears?


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