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Alex Ilesanmiis an aspiring actor with huge talent and potential. He is 13 years old and studying drama and business studies at school with ambitions of becoming a full time actor. He is regularly selected to appear in school drama productions, receives impressive feedback for his performances and is known to be a good actor for his age.

Following a successful casting for the short film Choices Alex played the role of Kip, a young lad living on a housing estate with rival gangs and ex convicts. This gave him the film break he had been looking for to launch his filming experience both in front of and behind the camera. He has since gone on to appear in a short student film called Dummy in which he played the star role.


Kasha Lliya had a leading role in Choices where she played one of the leading roles, a character named Ayesha whose teenage love for a notorious gang member resulted in serious consequences later on in her life.

She also features in a new film called 'Shameful Deceit' coming out in London cinemas in July 2013. She also has a main role in an online sketch called ECHO which is currently being filmed in London locations.

Other than acting, she is a video vixen and high fashion model. She has worked with La Mode directory, where she has done photo shoots for different agencies. She can also be seen in Krept and Konans new video (Can't Feel my Face)


Derrion Adams developed a passion for visual arts as a teenager and has since been honing his skills behind the camera and in the edit suite on various projects including narrative films, music videos, and photography.

His almost innate ability to visualize the shot before the camera rolls and his passion for studying his craft has allowed him to develop his unique guerrilla style of shooting and means he is at home on both large and small scale productions. A truly talented cameraman and editor, he continues to expand his body of work in visual media and has now embarked on writing and directing his own projects to add to his expanding resume.


Actress born June 4th 1994 in Croydon, London, Seraphina first took to the main stage in Skeen written by Tristan Fynn-Aiduenu and directed by Roy Alexander Weise. She performed in Skeen in 2012 as the Protagonist “Anita Elric”, Skeen was reviewed by critics as “An evening of surprising talent and laughter” (Quoted from Jake Orr’s Review: Skeen!)

Seraphina is in her last year of studies at City of Westminster Paddington College where she is finishing her A-levels and is also captain of the girls’ basketball team.

She works closely with the residence at Oval house with the Truth About Youth, 33% London and Drama Company departments, she is currently Young Associate of 2012-2013 at the Theatre. After landing lead as Jade in short film Choices written by Shanice Lindsay of Starlight Academy and Lawerence Brown.

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