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Simone King is an actress/writer, born and raised in South London. She’s a creative person with an inquisitive mind and began her acting career in 2010 and has never looked back.

A raw and unsigned talent who boasts a wealth of transferable skills gained through a challenging and obstacle ridden life. Simone has featured in a handful of on screen productions, has played lead in a theatre production and writes for an online magazine.

Simone aspires to be a household name and is faithful that the right door will open for her.


Unique is 15 years old and currently studying at school with the aim of becoming an accomplished actor / film maker. He is ambitious and recently featured in Choices as a playful teenager growing up on an inner city council housing estate in London. Almost immediately afterwards he got is second lucky break in film by securing a role in the short film ‘Hearts Desire’, a story of love and deceit in which he played a teenager tied up in a web of deceit who joined a group of lads to prey on another teenager in love.

He thoroughly enjoys acting and is currently seeking out promising roles in pursuit of his acting ambitions.


Trained as an actor at the Bubble Theatre and Real Drama project. He featured as a gang member in The Devil’s Rap, a drama film made by the Princes Trust.

He is featured in the film Choices as a youth who has grown up on a housing estate and needs to decide if he will be following the lads or leading his own intuition and lead a purpose driven life. Brown and another with the Hilarious Matt Lucas.


Kieran is an aspiring actor that simply loves acting. He enjoys the thrill of being able to express himself in various character roles and has a natural aptitude to play serious or funny. His reputation for acting is going ahead of him. He was head hunted for a part in the film Hearts Desire who knew of his capabilities and recommended him to the director. He plays a key role in the film Choices where is witty character is entertaining and insightful of his talent. A rising star to look out for!

He aims to further his acting as a career and believes he has a lot of talent to show the film world and

creativity to bring to the table.

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