Acquisition Opportunity

Film Acquisition Opportunity

The Choices film crew comprises of a diverse range of talented individuals from across London who are ready to enter the big screen and TV film making scene and bring with them a wealth of untapped UK talent and potential.

The Choices Team comprises of:

Shanice Lindsay – Script-writer, Director, Producer, Casting Director, Editor, Actor

Lawrence Brown – Script-writer, Director, Actor, Casting Director

Derrion Adams – Editor, Actor

Darren Baba – Producer

J Valentine – Producer, locations scout

Choices illustrate how the choices and decisions made as teenagers can directly impact on the outcome and quality of your life and the life of your children.

The film follows the relationships of a group of young people, beginning as teenagers then roll forward 18 years later to see the impact of the decisions each of the teenagers made about their lifestyles. The film features new talented actors who have the potential an aptitude to be successful in the industry.

Not only is the team presenting an exciting investment opportunity but it has as its core aims the ambition to discover the UK’s Will Smith’s, Eddie Murphy’s, and Halle Berry’s of tomorrow and we are seeking team members and investors who share our ambitions.

We believe the UK is at the cusp of an exploding new genre of films based in urban settings with diverse actors capable of bringing a wealth of new dramatic and exciting stories, cutting edge acting and creative editing all leading to a new market of films similar to the Nollywood and Bollywood industry but UK based.

Acquisition Enquires Welcomed

Pledges and other investment proposals are also welcomed

Urban Film Makers: - Directors, Script Writers, Producers, Camera Operators, Editors and Actors

For enquires email: or call: 07415 097 947

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